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A Story from a life I'd love to live: A WEDGIE FILLED LIFE!:

When I was 11, I convinced my sister, who was 19 at the time, to let me go on a camping trip with one of my friends. He was a good and honest friend, so I decided that I really wanted to go. He told me that it would be his 2 older brothers, him, and me going on the trip. I didn't really think about that too much.

My sister didn't like the idea at first. She is very protective of me. So, she called my friend's oldest brother and talked to him. After the conversation, she decided to let me go on the trip. I was so excited that I couldn't contain my feelings.

My friend's oldest brother was 18. My friend's other brother was 16. Both me and my friend were 11.

My sister helped me pack for the trip, and told me to be safe. She also told me that I should be glad that I'll be getting some time off from the wedgies she gave. She told me she loved me, and then my friend and his brothers were at the door.

When the 4 of us got to the campsite, it was nice. It was a pretty big area of land, with a nice lake and river right beside where we were staying. Right away, the oldest brother said that we should all go swimming for a little while.

I changed into my Speedo. My sister bought me a light blue speedo a while back, so I wore that. When I stepped out of the tent where I changed, my friend's brothers laughed at me. They said they've never seen someone actually wear a speedo. I think they realized then that I might be picked on later.

Well, I was the last person to get out of the lake. I decided to relax a little. When I got back up to the camp, I saw the oldest brother holding up a pair of my white briefs. He said he thought it was funny that I wore tighty whiteies, and that I was probably one of only two boys in the world that wears them. The other was my friend.

After a while, the two older brothers told me and my friend to come to the river because they saw something magnificent. Of course, me and my friend followed. When we got to the edge of the river, the 18 year old suddenly grabbed my friend and stripped him from his clothes down to his white briefs. As this was going on, the 16 year old did the same to me. They then hung us on tree branches next to each other by our underwear. They laughed and told us that if we were still there in an hour, they would get us down. Then the 16 year old took out from his pocket my only other pair of white briefs and threw them in the river. The underwear floated down the river as they laughed and walked away.

Thinking that I probably wasn't going to get wedgied, my sister didn't pack the toughest of underwear. I told my friend that I probably wouldn't make it an hour. After about 5 minutes, I heard and felt my underwear start to rip. Less than 1 minute later, my underwear completely ripped and I landed naked in the water of the river. The river took me downstream.

After a while, the water got calm, but I no longer knew where I was in the forest. I decided to just relax. So I just floated in the water for a while as it slowly took me down.

A while later, I was alarmed by the smell of perfume. It smelled like something that my sister, my sister's best friend, or my best friend would have tried out. I stood up and looked to see that the trees turned pink not too far away from where I was standing. There was a rainbow in the distance.

Being curious, I got out of the water and started walking around. Once I got to the pink trees, I started asking questions like if anyone was there. After asking why the trees turned pink, I saw movement. I started walking back to the water when I heard a voice asking me what I saw. I answered the voice saying that I saw pink trees. The female voice asked me what I smelled. I answered perfume. She told me to stay where I was. My naked backside was facing the trees, with my face facing the water. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a beautiful girl who looked maybe 1 or 2 years older than me. She was brightly dressed in beautiful layers of clothes.

She asked me what I was doing there, and I told her about the smell and look alarming me. She looked at me in amazement like she had never seen a boy before. She asked me my name, and I told her. She then told me to follow her, so I did. She led me through bright pink trees, and I saw a giant house in front of me. The whole place looked like it was ran by females.

As we got inside, I was in a great hall, with a women that looked like a queen in front of us. The girl I briefly met led me to her. This queen looking figure looked around 30 years old, but very good looking. The high power looked at me and asked if I could see the beauty around. I said yes. She then asked about the smells, and I said yes. I then asked what the big deal was.

The queen looked at me and said that no male has ever seen the village of these females. She then told the girl I met at the river that I must be very feminine. She asked me about my background, and I told her about living with only an older sister 8 years older than me and seeing my sister's best friend (7 years older) and my best friend (1 year older) all the time. The queen told me and the girl I was with that I was able to see the female village because I had such a female influence in my life. The queen told me that they have never let a male in the village, afraid that it would disrupt the happiness and unity in the village. The queen said that some women here have gone their whole lives so far never seeing a male. She asked if I would mind exploring this village, and I said I would be glad to. Then the girl gave the queen my underwear that had floated down the river. It was dry. The girl asked why the underwear wasn't pink. The queen looked at me and told me that she sees that I am babied by not only my actions, but by the fact that I wear briefs. but she smiled.   

I was led out another door, and I found myself in the middle of the village. I was still naked. Feminine looks, sounds, and smells filled the air. The girl quickly took my hand and rushed me into a house. She told me that she didn't think that the village of females needed to be told I was here before they saw me. So she said she was taking me into her home, which was one of the few that apparently didn't have a lot of women sharing it. She showed me a room, and told me to get inside. I would come out when the time was right. Then she closed the door, and I found my naked self climbing into the brightly colored bed.

About an hour later (there was a clock in the room) the girl came into the room and we started talking. She was only 13 years old. I asked her more about the village. She told me that the village is home to hundreds of females from babies to adults. She said that women usually "retire" from the village between 30-40 years old to face the real world. They realize that the time has come to go, and they forget their memory of where the place is located once leaving. I asked her how girls got here. She told me that most of the girls who come here come as babies. They get a sign to come and they wander to the village. Most times, something bad is about to happen when the baby comes here. It avoids having the girl go through a tough life with the problems about to happen. She also told me that this place is different from the rest of the world, including the fact that they had unicorns.

I asked why there were no guys there, and she said that they haven't been allowed for the sole reason of disrupting the unity in the village. They are afraid that the guys will cause problems. I asked her why I was allowed to stay, and she told me that I had an extremely feminine background, and this would be the chance to bring a boy to the world of girls. I talked to her about my life story, and about how my sister has raised me. The conversation turned when she asked me which age group of people I would be most comfortable exposing myself to. I said around my sister's age, so the girls ages 17-23 were advised to come to a mass meeting in a part of the village. I was hid behind the stage before the event.  

I was still naked, as I had been throughout the journey. I listened backstage to the announcement that there was something that had never been seen before about to be witnessed by these citizens. Suspension built. The girl who I now consider a friend made the announcement for the surprise to come out, and I stepped on the stage. She announced to the crowd that a boy was welcomed into the village. As I stepped onto the stage, I felt mixed reactions. I lot of people looked at me like I was an animal. After an awkward minute, the girl told the crowd about me, and the girls started cheering. They finally got to see a boy in their presence.

After the announcement, I started walking along the streets. The funniest thing I think that happened was when a early teenager begged who looked like her older sister if she could keep me as a pet. She told her sister that she would feed me and everything. I kept walking.

After a while, the girls got used to a naked boy walking around. I felt welcome in the community.

I bonded with a few people there really well, all of which were a little older than me. One night when I was back in the girl's house, she asked me how they could possibly defend themselves if a male tried to cut down their land in the forest. I told her to give them wedgies. She looked at me like I was strange. I explained the wedgie, and she asked if she could try this defense in front of the queen. I agreed, as I wanted to help these girls out in case any danger was ever near.

For the first time, I put the underwear on. We went to the queen and told her we had a method for defense. I explained to the queen that a wedgie put a boy in extreme pain, and the queen asked the girl to demonstrate. I did not know that the girl was so powerful. She yanked my underwear up and I was in pain. She was a little taller than me, so I was lifted up in the air. I began to cry when that pair of underwear broke and I landed on the ground. The queen thanked me for the knowledge, and the told the rest of the village about the defense.

Long story short, the rest of the time I was there, I received great praise. The most interesting thing that happened was a public display of the defense by a giant unicorn giving me a wedgie with the girls' unbreakable pink underwear. It was one of the most painful wedgies I've ever received, my underwear bouncing up and down as the horse ran. The crowd cheered me for my courage after my underwear bounced up and down for over an hour. The rest of the trip involved mostly praise from the girls.

After about a week, I told the queen that I had to go back to my sister, for she would be worried. She told me that I was welcomed back anytime that I wanted to come back, and I said my goodbyes to the people in the village. It was announced that the underwear I was wedgied in by the unicorn would hang forever in the royal palace. Time was spun back, and I found myself at my house, still naked, but back into the arms of my sister.

I haven't been back since, but I hope to go again real soon. :)    
2nd story I've done for "A Wedgie Filled Life"

and yes, if this story actually happened to me, that would be amazing to me
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juanbates621 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
You should make more (returning to the village)
emotionalshadows Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
MadmanNoah Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011
Nice sequel man! how about (if you ever think about writing a third one) your sister, best friend, and a couple of girls from the village have a wedgie contest with you as the unfortunate victim (the rest is up to you)
Dorkly-Sylveon Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I might write some stories too

And this is giving me some ideas :)
Wedgiedboy10 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2010
Glad I could help!
Dorkly-Sylveon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I actually got one done, and you can see, I had a lot of inspiration from ya :D [link]
EpCoreTheAlmighty Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
Me: *Spying on the Girls you were talking about* *Listeins to their plan and was serectly Invisble hearing there plan*
EpCoreTheAlmighty Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2010
Thanks for adding me In dude, you rock!!
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